Monday Thought: "Why do we do What we do"

From: Murilo Lessa <murilo.lessa@>

Date: Monday, 24 March 2014 17:37

To: Dev All

Subject: Monday Thought: "Why do we do What we do"

The road to empiricism and continuous improvement is about a diligent questioning and analysis of everything we do.

The “Scrum Bible” is only 16 pages and easily digested, but as we experience, making it work right is a whole different game :-)  The are no Scrum flavours, there are no "Scrum but”s.. You either do it or don’t. Simple as that.

For those who care about people over process, here goes a PDF for bit of evening relaxation.

It worth to see what is prescribed in there and how we apply to our reality.

Have you all a great week!


This is part of my email experiment - sent every 2 weeks - with the dev team I am part of, aiming to inspire them to acknowledge and question What do we do, Why do we do it, and How do we it.