PHP UK Conference: To be or not to be... Agile?

Just got back from an very interesting PHP UK Conference. My highlight was probably the talk on "Pair Programming, TDD and Other Impractical Things" by Marcello Duarte which just happens to be Brazilian. Great insights about all the "impossible" things that we try to do to at work in order “to be Agile”. Other good observations on stuff like "BDD is BDD", "TDD is TDD". There is no such thing as "BDD is TDD done right". If you are not doing TDD you are not doing it, period. I can't agree more. Nowadays it seems we are more and more deceiving ourselves by using trend words just to get away with what really matters which is to get stuff done.

Another good point and this one impacts directly with things we are trying to do at my work is related to the creation of Continuous Integration (CI) environments. If you do not have a proper UnitTest/BDD/TDD environment in place, you are not ready to have a CI, and you cannot be agile in the real meaning the world “agile” has. Refactoring is about changing code without affecting external behaviour. If there are no tests, no quality control, you just cannot change code and be sure it all still works, so you cannot integrate. Agility will be an illusion.